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11 settembre ...10 anni dopo:remembering Capt Victor J. "Vic" Saracini

Capt Victor J. Vic SaraciniSeptember 11, 2001 was a tragic day; not because an infamous event occurred, but because this kind gentleman, Vic Saracini, passed away on that day. While many people refer to that day as “Nine Eleven,” it was more than just a catch phrase, event in our history. It was a day when over 3,000 loving and caring people were senselessly murdered by cowards. I am sure there is probably a more effective way to express my emotions about that horrific day, but the words escape me.

I did not know Vic Saracini well enough for me to be able to write much more. There is a “Garden of Reflection” in Lower Makefield, PA that provides tribute to the lives forever changed on that tragic day.

Garden of Reflection

There will be various remembrances on September 11th this year and for years to come. I hope we not only unite as Americans in remembering the day, but also take the time to think of the people who perished. Their lives may have been taken, but they will never be lost if they remain in our memories.

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