giovedì 9 giugno 2011

An Economic Crime Against Humanity

The subprime mortgage industry is indeed guilty of performing “crimes against humanity” for through their actions they neglected or ignored to make sure they were doing the right thing for everyone. Sure, in our capitalistic structure of an economy, it is always a company’s goal to make more money. However, the people involved in this industry simply made money by being socially irresponsible. They made their money at the cost of millions of people losing their lifetime investments, their houses, and more importantly their livelihood. Just as the Nazi’s were too scared to be the “whistleblower” and do the right thing; the people and companies involved in the subprime mortgage industry were too scared as well. Either out of fear or sheer greed, these companies did the wrong thing. They simply focused on making a lot of money and while one could say focusing on money and committing mass genocide are completely different things, I would, like the author, argue that they are not so dissimilar.

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